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Swim Team Ready?

Swim Team Readiness

All *new* swimmers ages 8 & under will be required to attend a readiness evaluation prior to starting practice.

Is my child ready for swim team?
To be eligible to participate on the swim team, children need to be able to perform certain swimming skills. We realize that not all children will be ready to compete in races at the time of the evaluation; however, for safety reasons, prior to the start of practice all swimmers must be able to:

  • Submerge his/her entire body, including head, and blow bubbles while under water
  • Stay at the side of the pool with one hand on the wall and listen to and follow directions
  • Swim the length of Livorna Pool (25 yards) without assistance of any kind (lane lines, floaties, parent/coach, etc.)

The coach reserves the right to make a final decision as to whether a child is ready for swim team. If your child cannot complete the above tasks, we encourage you to enroll him/her in our Junior Dolphins Learn-to-Swim Summer Program.

Who can I contact with questions about joining swim team? 

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