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Annual Jobs

Annual Jobs fulfill your volunteer commitment for the season.  If interested in an open position, please contact our Jobs Coordinator at [email protected].

All annual jobs have been filled for 2024 - Thank you families!


  • Welcomes opposing team
  • Announces results during home meets
  • Makes general announcements
  • Adds commentary when appropriate

Auction Dinner Host

  • Host and plan our biggest fundraiser of the season
  • Coordinates catering, music, tables, decorating, and manages a team of volunteers to assist with the details
  • Works closely with, and receives support from, the Social Events Coordinator

Best Times Board & Awards/Ribbons 

  • Maintains the best times board including but not limited to printing reports after each meet and updating the board as quickly as possible
  • Works with coaches and places orders for best times incentives to be delivered to swimmers
  • Keeps track of records and ribbons
  • Develops awards and recognition program
  • Distributes awards to swimmers, including at year-end awards ceremony
  • Coordinates ribbons and ribbon workers for home meets
  • Brings ribbon file box to away meets

Head Desk (Offsite) 

  • Must be available to work at certain times for each away and home meet assigned; averages about 5 hours of work (Monday-Wednesday for Wednesday meets or Wednesday-Saturday for Saturday meets)
  • Prepares events files; coordinates swimmer seeding with coaches; collaborates on meet files with opposing team to create completed meet sheets
  • Prints lane sheets at pool before meet start
  • Prepares post-meet report, check for records; upload meet results onto DCSL website
  • Publishes meet sheets online
  • Brings computer to pool before meet start
  • Maintains meet supplies 
  • Invitational meet participation - registering swimmers

Head Desk (On-Site) 

  • Arrives at home meets before meet begins (1/2 hour before meet start) and works until end of meet
  • Runs computer during meet and coordinates with timing system
  • Maintains and administers meet paperwork (lane sheets, DQ slips, officials boards)
  • Supervises meet entry process (handling late additions/no-shows)
  • Reconciles timing results throughout meets; ensures meet results are recorded properly
  • Prints results for announcer and labels for ribbons
  • Prints meet results and posts at meet

Head Desk Runner 

  • Works each home meet.  Responsible for collecting the the event sheets from timers after each event and returning to head desk.

Head Lane Clerk 

  • Arrives before meet and works with junior coaches to ensure all 6U and 7/8 swimmers are lined up for races; works through 7/8 free relay
  • Shared between 2 people

Head Referee

  • In charge of running all home meets
  • Must attends officials' clinic (May 7, 2023 1-3 PM @ RSM)
  • Duties include: advising stroke & turn officials, whistling swimmers to starting block, observing all heats, reviewing DQs, adjudicating disputes and scoring issues

Jobs Check-In Manager 

  • For every home and away meet, prints meet job lists and meet sheet for self
  • Arrives at every meet ½ hour before meet start and works through 7/8 backstroke race, then again for Free Relay
  • Checks meet job workers in; assigns floaters as needed
  • Assists Head Lane Clerk with swimmer placement for all 6U and 7/8 races through backstroke races and again for Free Relay 

Set-Up Coordinator

  • Ensures set up of home swim meets
  • Must arrive by 3 PM for Wednesday home meets and 6 PM on Fridays before Saturday home meets
  • Supervises/organizes set-up crew to set up tables, chairs, ropes, blocks, etc. (set up takes 2-3 hours)
  • Works with Meet Director to ensure pool is "meet ready" by starting time

Snack Shack Manager 

  • Prepares Snack Shack at beginning of season
  • Create menus and orders food and supplies for the snack bar
  • Opens, closes and oversees the running of the snack bar during home meets
  • Keeps records of expenses and income
  • Works with Treasurer and Fundraising coordinator as needed
  • Shops Costco, Safeway, and Amazon for snack shack as needed
  • Purchases and ensures delivery of ice and other time-sensitive foods one hour before home meets
  • Possibly picks up food during meets (or arranges for delivery)

Sound System Coordinator 

  • Set-up and take-down of the sound system at home meets
  • Troubleshoot any issues as they arise during home meets


  • Announces and starts each heat at home meets
  • Must attend an Officials' clinic 
  • Works with Meet Director to move quickly and efficiently from one heat to the next

Stroke and Turn Official 

  • Judges swimmers' strokes and turns at home, away, DCSL, and Walnut Creek All City Meet, and County Swim Meet (Must work DCSL or County)
  • Must attend an Officials' clinic 
  • Works out a suitable schedule with other S/T officials to split meets each season

Take-Down Coordinator

  • Stays after home meets to ensure take down and clean up
  • Organizes take-down crew to take down tables, chairs, ropes, blocks, etc.
  • Works with lifeguards, Meet Director and Pool Manager to ensure pool is properly closed or converted to regular swim use

Timing System Administrator 

  • Runs the timing system at all home meets (training will be provided)
  • Set-up and take-down of the timing system at home meets

Video/Photo Coordinator 

  • Takes pictures throughout the season
  • Coordinates and produces team video for viewing at the end of the season award dinner
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