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Mark your Swimmer

Parents, please help us keep the meet on schedule and ensure that your swimmers do not miss their swims by marking your 6-U and 7/8 swimmers. This gives our swimmers, coaches and lane clerks a “map” of where they are swimming as it shows your swimmer’s events, heats and lanes.

Please write the following on the back of your swimmer’s right shoulder and on their arm:

Last Name, First Initial - Age Group

Stroke and Heat-Lane (using the following key)

Stroke Key:

MR = Medley Relay (heat, lane, position)

Medley Relay order: Backstroke (#1), Breaststroke (#2), Butterfly (#3), Freestyle (#4)

IM = Individual Medley 

FR = Freestyle

BR = Breaststroke

BK = Backstroke

FLY = Butterfly

FRR = Free Relay (heat, lane, position)


Doe, J – 7/8
MR 1-3 #1 (for Medley Relay, heat 1, lane 3, 1st swimmer (backstroke))

IM 2-1 (for Individual Medley, heat 2, lane 1) FR 2-5 (for Freestyle, heat 2, lane 5)
BR 3-3 (for Breaststroke, heat 3, lane 3)
BK 1-1 (for Backstroke, heat 1, lane 1)

FLY 2-3 (for Butterfly, heat 2, lane 3)
FRR 1-3 #4 (for Free Relay, heat 1, lane 3, 4th swimmer)

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